Luxury Grass, Plant & Concrete Landscaping by Leeward Landscaping

Affordable Landscape Design for All Budgets

Well-designed landscaping ideas can complement your home’s architecture and design. The right plants, flowers, and shrubbery will enhance your home’s curb appeal by adding color, texture, and fragrance to your yard. You may choose to express yourself through your landscaping choices, as well. We install beautiful lush lawns, exotic plants, and many types of concrete landscaping features.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, the professionals of Leeward Landscaping are experts at increasing your home’s value by creating a high-end look of luxury at an affordable price. We can work landscape design magic with all budgets.

Landscape Lighting

Show off your lavish, custom-designed landscape from Leeward Landscaping day or night with flattering landscape accent lights. Landscape lighting also increases the security of your home. We offer a wide variety of lighting options to suit your needs, your taste, and your budget. We offer:

• Flood Lighting
• Landscape Lighting
• Motion Sensor Safety Lights

Sod & Grass

If you live in Kona, Hawaii and want a thick, vibrant lawn, the experts at Leeward Landscaping have you covered. We have the qualifications and equipment to create your dream lawn of grass or sod. We have:

• Extensive Concrete Curbing Expertise
• One of the Only Hydroseed Machines on the Big Island
• Two Decades of Landscaping Experience


Hydroseeding creates an evenly covered area that forms a barrier to keeps seed stabilized by retaining moisture, fertilizer, and nutrients to protect the seeds during their most vulnerable period and promote healthy growth. Hydroseeding is the superior choice over hand seeding. The Leeward Landscaping hydroseeding process ultimately results in a full, lush lawn that is strong and vigorous. Hydroseeding has many benefits:

• It is the Most Economical Choice
• You Achieve Excellent Results with Little Investment
• Minimal Time Commitment
• Low Material Costs
• Can be Installed Over Many Types of Substrate

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