Irrigation System Installation & Repair Services

Lawn Sprinklers, Drip Lines, Soaker Hoses, Pop-Up & Rotary Heads

Leeward Landscaping provides comprehensive irrigation system installation and repair services in Kailua-Kona and surrounding areas of the Big Island of Hawaii.

We will design a custom irrigation system to address all of your needs. Some of our most popular irrigation systems include the following components:
• Backflow Systems
• Drip Lines
• Lawn Sprinklers
• Pop-Up Heads
• Rotary Heads
• Soaker Hoses

Whether you are interested in a new lawn sprinkler system or service for your existing system, we can analyze the short and long-term needs of your lawn and landscape design and provide an effective, efficient solution to keep your lawn hydrated and looking magnificent. It is critical to safeguard your investment by protecting its integrity from the roots up. At Leeward Landscaping, we pay attention to detail and offer complete, prompt, and courteous customer care.

Efficient & Eco-Friendly Irrigation Installation

Leeward Landscaping specializes in the installation of custom-designed irrigation and sprinkler systems in Kona, Hawaii. We install highly efficient and eco-friendly irrigation systems that are best suited to the specific needs of each particular property according to the underlying substrate, microclimate conditions, drainage, ground pitch, and other relevant factors.

Properly installing an irrigation system produces a significantly higher seedling and sod survivability rate as well as a longer lasting, lush, and more beautiful lawn installation. With a professionally installed lawn and landscape irrigation system, plant maintenance can be successfully accomplished in any climate landscape, situation, and in all weather conditions.

By efficiently utilizing water resources, a custom designed irrigation system sized according to your lot size and landscape features will actually conserve water while giving you significantly better irrigation coverage than watering your lawn with hoses and above-ground sprinklers.

Irrigation System Maintenance & Repair

At Leeward Landscaping, we believe that a properly installed and maintained irrigation system can last for several decades. Our goal is to keep your irrigation system running at optimal performance and efficiency.

We have technicians dedicated to the service and maintenance of your irrigation system. Our technicians are all trained to service equipment from every irrigation product manufacturer. Therefore, even if your irrigation system was not installed by Leeward Landscaping, we can competently address all of your maintenance service and repair needs.

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